Trust …Coaching …Teaming

I have been promoting the phrase for some time now that “Teaching is a Team Sport and a Public Act.” I’ve suggested that teams require trust and that being public with our work and our results is necessary to building that trust. In a recent article, “Build trust for professional learning”,  from Learningforward, we are reminded that […]

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Trust: For Learning and Coaching

Several times in the last few weeks I have been in conversations or presentations where the topic of trust building in coaching emerged. I was reminded of an activity that I often explore with teachers examining the role of relationships in learning. I ask participants to consider a time that they learned something quickly and […]

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Trust and Student Achievement

I have several projects during the first weeks of the year that deal with Professional Learning Communities examining student data and generating ACTION from those conversations that will lead to increased student achievement. These PLC’s need to create trust that will encourage vulnerability and risk taking as teachers look at student learning results and consider […]

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Pondering Topics