PLCs Working on Student Motivation

I was recently asked to facilitate a high school staff who had been working in PLCs that were department centered around curriculum and assessment. I was given a request to create an opportunity for them to focus on individual student success. The staff was regrouped for the day into teams of about six who were […]

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Learning Styles and Coaching

I recently conducted a workshop session for instructional coaches looking at how their personal learning styles influenced their coaching approach. Everyone began by completing the Kaleidoscope Learning Styles Profile for Educators. Coaches identified their range and degree of preference in the areas of sensory preference (kinesthetic, tactual, auditory, visual) perceptual preference (abstract, concrete) and organizational […]

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Learning Style Differences

A recent posting of Science Daily, Physical Activity May Strengthen Children’s Ability to Pay Attention, reported the following: A professor of kinesiology and community health and the director of the Neurocognitive Kinesiology Laboratory at Illinois, Charles Hillman’s research suggests that physical activity may increase students’ cognitive control – or ability to pay attention – and […]

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Learning Styles and Motivation

I found a connection this week between two of my presentations on learning styles and a book review for The Motivation Breakthrough. First, I had the opportunity to spend three days with 4th and 5th grade students, along with their teachers and parents, examining the results of the students’ Kaleidoscope Learning Style profiles. Dr. Christiana […]

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