Plan for More Live Event Learning

I recently read reports on two schools’ live event learning activities that triggered me to revisit this topic and hope that summer might be a great time for some readers to consider pushing additional live events into next year’s planning. Students at Maine East High School in Illinois studied angles, shapes and theorems in geometry […]

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Providing the Experiences Students Need a Live Event Example

I was recently working with a leadership team of teachers and administrators from a 6-8 middle school. After a discussion defining the desired student achievement they sought, we explored “what students needed to do” to move closer to the desired achievement. Here is a partial list of what they brainstormed: -Invest themselves in learning -Seek […]

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Live Event Learning and Thinking

This week my learning was prodded and extended by my colleagues… I received the following note from Terri Bianco who is the writer I’ve work with on all the books and many articles I’ve published. Terri and I, in conjunction with Joe Hasenstab, the founder of Performance Learning Systems, are currently working on a new […]

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More Learning in Live Events

In workshops and presentations on Tapping Student Effort and Learning Styles, I often discuss the power of teachers using Live Events to deepen student motivation and effort. In Live Events, most learning style preferences are naturally present. Live Events are often project based learning activities where the outcome of the event has a real consequence. […]

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Learning in Life Events

Happy New Year to all readers! Here is hoping that all of you are seeing 2008 as a great year of learning for yourself and the educators and students that many of you serve. During the holidays, an article in the ASCD SmartBrief (This is a daily email with news from the education world. Click the […]

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