Flexibility, Ambiguity, and What if Hypothesis in PLC’s

I am currently taking part in a MOOC, Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills, by Esther Care and Patrick Griffin at The University of Melbourne. One of the major elements in the course is exploring collaborative problem solving. The primary distinction between problem-solving by an individual and collaborative problem solving is its social nature – […]

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Why Do We Need a Culture of Coaching in Our Schools?

 In many of my presentations I discuss two beliefs behind my work in schools: Teaching is a team sport and Teaching needs to be a public act. Both of these beliefs reinforce the need for schools to have a culture of coaching that defines staff relationships. This week I was in Rochester, NY providing a […]

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Learning Communities

This week I had the pleasure to read an in-depth report on a project that I had worked on for several years. Building a Learning Community: A Tale of Two Schools by Dan Mindich and Ann Lieberman was recently published by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education and Learningforward. The report examines the NJ […]

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Pondering Topics