Personal Learning

Will Richardson in a recent blog, Personalizing Flipped Engagement, has us consider the terms personalized, flipped, and engagement individually and then combined. First Richardson explores the difference between personalized and personal: [“Personalized” learning is something that we do to kids; “personal” learning is something they do for themselves.] In a world where technology provides abundance, […]

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Engagement and Effort

This past week I had the opportunity to work with educators around the concept of student effort as the key to student achievement at the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools conference in Cairo, Egypt as well as with instructional coaches across the state of Arkansas where we extended the conversation to examine […]

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Engagement for Students and Teachers

In a recent article in Education Week (July 16, 2008) Engagement is the Answer, Joseph Renzulli,, suggests schools need to adopt a new guiding principle, “No Child Left Bored”. He recommends that the drill and practice teaching especially present in the classrooms of poor and struggling students be replaced with teaching to develop high-end […]

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Pondering Topics