Learning From Learning Walks

Last year I shared about the work that I was doing with Hisar School in Istanbul, Turkey.  At that time the leadership team was examining critical student behaviors that they felt were important to making desired increases in student achievement. Having selected the behaviors, they designed a learning walk instrument around these six areas: Learning Objective… […]

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From Vision Statement to Action

In an earlier blog I described the New Jersey Education Association’s (NJEA) Priority Schools program, which is placing retired teachers as coaches/facilitators in some schools. This week I spent a day with the coach and staff at School 6 in Linden, NJ. I demonstrated for the team how to use a backwards planning process to identify […]

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Questions to Facilitate PLCs

Last week’s blog identified discussions for PLC’s using a backwards planning process from a recent professional development day that I facilitated. Later with the same school I was asked to facilitate some example PLC discussions for elementary teachers. The quote from the Annenberg Institute provides a starting point for what a PLC might set out to […]

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Pondering Topics