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Steve Barkley’s books are available in both electronic and printed formats, and make a great addition to your district’s resources – or your personal reference collection.

WOW! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning, Second Edition

Stephen G. Barkley with Contributing Editor Terri Bianco, 2013

In this special book, you’ll learn how to make school experiences so outstanding that students, parents, and colleagues say, “WOW!”

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Instructional Coaching with the End in Mind, First Edition

Stephen G. Barkley with Terri Bianco, 2011

Steve Barkley’s concept of “backwards planning” shifts the process of teaching practices, coaching, and professional staff development in significant and comprehensive ways. In this book, Steve provides guidance and insight into specific coaching skills, questioning strategies, and ways to work with principals and other administrators.

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Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching, Second Edition

Stephen G. Barkley with Terri Bianco, 2010

Steve provides a framework for incorporating a culture of coaching into your own educational environment. Step-by-step, this book outlines the why, who, what, and how of a sound coaching program.

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Questions For Life: Powerful Strategies to Guide Critical Thinking

Stephen G. Barkley, 2009

Questions for Life provides an opportunity for teachers to recognize their own critical thinking processes – and deliver key insights to students from that knowledge and experience.

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Tapping Student Effort: Increasing Student Achievement

Stephen G. Barkley with Contributing Editor Terri Bianco, 2007

In Tapping Student Effort, Steve offers a unique and easy-to-understand formula for student success. Put this formula into practice, and you’ll be thrilled at how it taps students’ effort and ability.

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