Value, Expectancy, and Motivation

This formula for motivation caught my interest due to my work with tapping student effort: Expectancy x Value = Motivation  The relationship between expectation and value is “multiplicative” rather than additive because in order to be motivated, it is necessary for a person to have at least a modest expectation of success and to assign […]

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Teaching as a Team Sport

I often describe that I was vaccinated into seeing teaching as a team sport. As a college senior I entered a unique program that allowed me to spend an entire year student teaching in a fourth grade classroom alongside a master teacher, another student teacher, and a graduate student intern. Planning was done as a […]

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Coaching and Empathy

I often explore the role of vulnerability in coaching relationships. I need to make myself vulnerable with my coach for me to gain maximum growth from coaching input. As a coach I need to share my own vulnerability in supporting the person I’m coaching. Brené  Brown, the author of The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings on […]

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Building Students’ Success

Steve Mintner, a science educator and teacher trainer colleague, has had some amazing success with increasing student achievement. In spite of some very challenging circumstances where there were zero prerequisites, his AP Biology and AP Chemistry classes had unprecedented success for his school in the number of passing scores and the number of students scoring […]

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