Unmotivated Students?

I had the opportunity to spend a day this week with a small group of educators at a school in Europe who are focusing on providing quality learning for gifted students, many of whom have not had previous positive school learning experiences. Over several hours we examined learning effort, ability, grit, perseverance and motivation. As […]

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Deciding Upon Instructional Leadership Behaviors

I had several requests recently to explore “what instructional coaches should spend their time doing”.  One district, where coaching is in its fourth year, asked me to facilitate a reflection conversation among coaches to help assess “what we have accomplished” and “what we have  learned”.  Another system in its second year wanted to examine, “How […]

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Professional Growth

I am currently consulting to a statewide commission that is examining and then recommending professional growth requirements for teachers’ continuing certification. Here are some pieces I reviewed as I prepped for our sessions: A blog, International Professional Development, posted by the Guardian, presents 10 recommendations for teachers, shared by education leaders. Rachael Stevens suggests that […]

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Leading Change

I was able to attend two sessions that Andy Hargreaves presented at the recent IB Africa, Europe, and Middle East Conference in The Hague. Hargreaves identified five important interrelated focus points drawn from his book “The Global Fourth Way: The Quest for Educational Excellence”: Inspiration: there needs to be a shared vision/dream for the future… […]

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Pondering Topics

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