Increasing Student Engagement

One of the schools that I have been working with for a few years asked me to help the leadership team, including grade level PLC facilitators, examine how teachers could increase student engagement. Their district classroom walkthrough data identified classrooms as high student engagement, well managed, or dysfunctional. This building had very few observations that […]

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Opening Classroom Doors

How do we get teachers to be more open to observing in each other’s classrooms and discussing their thoughts and ideas with each other to create increased teacher learning and student achievement? That question was posed to me as I worked with a school-based leadership team that was finding teachers to be reluctant in making […]

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Selecting Coaches

I have been asked by a new district client to make some suggestions regarding what to “look for” as they begin interviewing candidates for instructional coaching positions for their elementary schools next year. Here are the first elements/characteristics I suggested: A Growth Mindset: Defined by Carol Dweck (earlier blog) Coaches need to believe that ALL […]

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Creativity… for Students and Teachers

My newest reading is Allison Zmuda’s book, Breaking Free From Myths About Teaching and Learning , published by ASCD. She identifies 9 myths of students that interfere with quality learning. Here are examples: #3 The point of an assignment is to get it done so that it is off the to-do list. #5 I feel […]

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Pondering Topics

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