Student Engagement: Teacher and Student Initiated

I spent a day this week observing elementary classrooms with a lens provided by the principal who asked that I examine student engagement which has been a focus of his observations. Early in the day I realized I could sort two types of student engagement initiation; teacher and student. I labeled teacher initiated as those […]

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Middle School PLCs

This week I worked with middle school PLCs that have meeting time built into their school schedule weekly. The teachers work as a grade level team and belong to a house made up of a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade team. Students stay in the same house for the three years they are in the […]

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A Look at Coaches’ Work

Below is a diagram I use to talk about the work of teachers and coaches. Teachers need to study student learning and student work. So major teacher behaviors are thinking, observing, creating, and experimenting. Imagine that it’s August and you know little about your incoming class. In that setting you begin thinking about “who” you […]

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Coaches Taking Gripes to Goals

I was recently working in Southern Georgia with Academic Coaches and their Principals examining how the implementation of coaching can impact student achievement. One of the topics they requested was how to respond to teachers’ statements that were resistant. I suggested that paraphrasing instead of questioning was sometimes a helpful response. Here is an example […]

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