Professional Learning Communities and Peer Coaching/Building Natural Leaders

Some of the readers of this blog have attended my presentation on Natural Leaders. My focus is examining how principals and teachers who have followers assigned to them can perform as the kind of leader that those followers would have chosen to follow. Can I be the kind of teacher students would have chosen? Can […]

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Real Experiences for Real Results

‘If “soft skills” are in your definition of student achievement, are you finding ways to provide those experiences? Many students find those experiences in their extra curricular activities. I am wondering if it is common for our schools to limit time for these “soft skills” learning activities from the very students who may need them […]

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How are We Doing?

That’s the continuous improvement starter question that produces discoveries and concerns that create possibilities for growth. It’s an element of coaching, professional learning communities, leadership and teaching. I was recently part of two programs where participants received a focus to help examine “How are we doing?” The Florida and the Islands Regional Comprehensive Center is […]

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The Many Faces of Coaching

The Many Faces of Coaching…that was the tile of a recent presentation that I did at the Tennessee Reading Summit: Every Student a Reader. My presentation to reading coaches and administrators centered on the reading coach’s role in creating a coaching culture within the school. Generating teacher reflection that creates teacher learning that leads to […]

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Developing Social Skills for Life Success

“Soft skills” such as sociability, punctuality, conscientiousness and an ability to get along well with others, along with participation in extracurricular activities, are better predictors of earnings and higher educational achievement later in life than having good grades and high standardized test scores, states Christy Lleras, professor of human and community development. (Science Daily, Mar.26,2009 […]

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