The Learner…Our Focus

I recently spent a week in Aruba working with the Ministry of Education kicking off their strategic National Educational Plan (2007- 2017) titled, “The Learner: Our Focus”. Each day brought 1/5 of the island’s educators to a seminar where the national plan, which has been designed over 18 months, was presented along with my sessions […]

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Looking at Leadership

Two of my colleagues, Jim and Lorene Malanowski , flagged me to check out the announcement that Mark Wilson, the principal of Morgan County High School, had been chosen as the 2009 High School Principal of the year. Jim is a teacher at the high school and the Malanowski’s daughter, Emily, is a student there. […]

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Observations of a k12 Vertical Professional Learning Community

I recently spent one hour observing a team meeting at the Gibsonton Elementary School in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida. It was only the third meeting of the team which was newly formed as the school adopted vertical teaming plan. I was impressed at the collegial dialogue that occurred and the amount of ideas that were […]

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Professional Learning Communities

In the past few weeks, I have worked with several groups examining the structures and skill sets that promote Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) focused on student achievement. Working as a facilitator with the NJ Professional Teaching Standards Board, I have been part of their discussions to have most professional development planning done at the building […]

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Pondering Topics

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