Planning for PLCs: Connecting to Student Achievement

I recently had the opportunity to work with the administrator and teacher leaders at Eustis Middle School looking to establish a plan for teachers to work in PLCs as professional development for the next school year. We used a backwards planning process to establish a focus and a plan. First, we identified the student performances, […]

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Senior Projects

During a recent professional development workshop in Arkansas, I met teacher Judy Bynum who approached me during a break to share how senior projects at her school motivated student effort. As she shared her story, I knew I wanted everyone possible to hear about it. So here it is: Judy, tell me about your school […]

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In an earlier posting I mentioned last year’s report, Tough Choices or Tough Times, which said successful countries will be those that can produce the most important NEW products. Those countries would depend on a deep vain of creativity that is constantly renewing itself, and on a myriad of people who can imagine how people […]

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Time, Relationships, and Learning

This week, I was working with one group of high school teachers looking at the need to differentiate teaching strategies. I was working with another exploring how to make the most effective use of a 90 minute block schedule. I also worked with an entire K-12 district looking at learning communities. During the entire week, […]

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